Trainer Profiles


Noel is your muscle guy. He is determined and dedicated to make you sweat and make you enjoy it as much as he does! With his knowledge in nutrition, fitness and sports therapy, he is your go-to trainer and will be happy to give you advice.


With a passion for Calisthenics, and certifications from California and Dubai, Jad is the go to guy for everything related to bodyweight exercises and Calisthenics. 
Certified in California and Dubai, Jad’s experience in Calisthenics and Bodyweight exercises is quite extensive. Whether you’re an athlete wanting to get stronger, move faster, push harder, or an overweight person looking to get lean and lose fat, Calisthenics is the right sport for you. 



After his military career, it was logic for him to jump into sport. Thomas lives his life by simple rules, honor and respect. 
Seven years later, he is still dedicated to coaching people, preparing them physically and mentally. 

He found in CrossFit, everything he needs to be prepared for the unknown. CrossFit didn't just shape his body, it shaped his humanity.